Ich helfe Unternehmern, erfolgreich zu sein und die nächste Stufe zu erreichen. My Ladybird weiß, dass jeder Unternehmer einzigartig ist, und das gilt auch für seinen Ansatz. Ich gehe auf die unterschiedlichen Anforderungen der Kunden ein und biete ihnen eine maßgeschneiderte Lösung. Ich helfe auch den Einzelnen, indem ich ihnen das dringend benötigte Selbstvertrauen und die Klarheit gebe, damit sie das Beste aus sich herausholen und sowohl beruflich als auch privat erfolgreich werden können.

Auftrag My Myladybird

Ladybug- Business Advisory Services

Wir wollen das Leben der Menschen wirklich verändern, indem wir Organisationen und Einzelpersonen dazu inspirieren und befähigen, ihren Wert zu steigern und ein wirklich sinnvolles Leben zu führen.

Bei unserer Arbeit stellen wir uns die Frage, wie wir mehr für andere tun können als alle anderen. Es geht nicht um das Geschäft, sondern darum, etwas im Leben der Menschen zu bewirken.

Peggy Pleines

A ladybug symbolizes Lady
Luck bringing with it prosperity and good fortune. With its vibrant and colorful life, it inspires people to experience the joys of living



Ladybug Leap Mentoring

I provide two different service streams.

Ladybug- Business Advisory Services
Business Consultant Services

Corporate Mentoring

I help business to make more money! I use insight and provide clear focus on uncovering opportunities to increase profit and excite teams to promptly implement

Life Transition Coaching Services

Individual Mentoring

I like to focus on driven individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit or people who question their status quo and want more form life.

Our Valued Partners

Ladybug- Business Advisory Services
B2B Head- Management Consultancy Services
B2C Head- Consulting Business Services

Business Wizardry

The Ladybird for your next leap

Identity the driving force

Ladybug- Business Advisory Services

Every business that aspires to be and to stay relevant must remember the most important “secret potion” to sustainable success, the clear definition of their identity. 

What they Say?

Ladybug- Business Advisory Services

Leap Counseling was the best decision I ever made to take the next leap in my life. My mentor gave me practical tools and strategies to overcome my challenges and move forward with confidence. Thanks to her guidance, I was able to make significant progress in both my personal and professional life, and I feel more empowered than ever before. I would highly recommend counseling to anyone looking to take the next leap and achieve their full potential.

Emma Friedrich

I recently received personal identity mentoring from a fantastic coach, and it has been life changingWorking with a personal identity mentor can be life changing. Through this experience, I gained clarity on my values, strengths, and passions. My mentor helped me identify my limiting beliefs and develop the confidence needed to pursue my dreams. I am now more self-aware and empowered in my decision-making. I highly recommend personal identity mentoring to anyone looking to take the next leap in their personal or professional life.

James Taylor

Working with a personal identity mentor was a life-changing experience for me. She helped me to uncover my true passions and strengths and gave me the tools I needed to take the next leap in my personal and professional life. Thanks to her guidance and support, I now have a greater sense of purpose and direction and am excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. I would highly recommend personal identity mentoring to anyone looking to unlock their full potential and achieve their goals.

Osman Lindström

I was struggling to improve the profitability of my business until I hired My Ladybird as my business consultant. With their expertise, I was able to develop and execute a successful strategy, optimize my pricing, and manage my projects more effectively. Thanks to their guidance, my business is now thriving and I couldn’t be happier.

Thomas Campbell

Working with My Ladybird as my business mentor was the best decision, I ever made to take my business to the next level. They provided me with invaluable advice and guidance on everything from marketing and sales to financial management and strategic planning. Thanks to their expertise and support, I was able to overcome numerous challenges and achieve significant growth and success. I would highly recommend business mentoring to any entrepreneur or business owner looking to take the next leap and achieve their goals.

Anthony McNamara

I recently had the pleasure of working with My Ladybird and their “business wizardry” was a game-changer for my company. They were able to identify areas of improvement and provide strategic solutions that allowed us to streamline our operations, increase productivity, and ultimately grow our bottom line. Their expertise and guidance were invaluable to our success, and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to take their business to the next level. Thanks to their consulting services, our business is now thriving and better positioned for long-term success.

William Henry

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