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Opportunity Unleashed Summit 2024: The Fast Track to Discovering Magic in Your Business

Ladybug- Business Advisory Services

Join our exclusive online summit featuring the world’s top visionary professionals as they reveal their expert insights and shortcuts to business brilliance. This is your chance to fast-track your success by learning directly from the best in the industry. This is your chance, don’t miss out on this unparalleled opportunity!


 Here’s What You’ll Learn

Opportunity is everywhere, you just have to know where to look. We are BEYOND EXCITED to dive into an enriching summit on mastering the energetics of strategy and leadership to uncover the gems of your growth in 2024! 


Grab this chance to fast-track your success by gaining insights from the best in the industry.



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Why Must You Embrace This Incredible Opportunity to Attend Our FREE EXCLUSIVE ONLINE EVENT?

Ladybug- Business Advisory Services

Discover opportunities everywhere! Join us for an amazing summit where we’ll master strategy and leadership together. Get ready to grow big in 2024 – don’t miss out, sign up now!



Unveiling Opportunity: A Guide to Finding It Everywhere



  • Discover Hidden Gems: Identify and capitalize on overlooked opportunities.
  • Open up to Innovative Strategies: Get insights into cutting-edge strategies
  • Experience Mindset Mastery: The importance of a growth mindset and continuous improvement.
  • Understanding Networking Mastery: Techniques to build and leverage your network.
  • Uncover Customer-Centric Approaches: Learn how to create value and build lasting relationships 
  • Pick up on future Trends: Stay ahead of the curve 

Join Us

Ladybug- Business Advisory Services

Don’t miss this unparalleled opportunity to transform your business and achieve your goals faster than you ever thought possible. Click the link below to register now for free and secure your spot at the summit! Places are limited.

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Meet Your Host

Ladybug- Business Advisory Services
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Peggy I. Pleines is a passionate business growth and transformation expert, entrepreneur, and inspiring leader with a rich background in economics and social sciences who thrives on unlocking transformative opportunities for entrepreneurs globally.



With over a decade of experience working with renowned companies like Unilever and Elizabeth Arden, Peggy has founded three successful companies and collaborated with industry leaders such as Bain Capital and P&G. She excels in strategic problem-solving and revenue expansion, with a talent for unlocking transformative opportunities for entrepreneurs globally. Peggy’s multilingual skills and international experience enable her to connect and inspire people worldwide. 


Beyond her professional achievements, she cherishes her family, her dogs, and her love for nature and travel, which keep her grounded and inspired. Peggy’s approach to business is all about finding magic in every opportunity. She supports entrepreneurs and their teams by providing inspiration, unlocking their full potential, and empowering them to innovate and push boundaries. Peggy’s journey of building and scaling companies, leading multinational teams, and driving significant business improvements demonstrates that success is possible even in competitive environments. 


She believes that you only need two essential ingredients for success: yourself and your belief in magic. Once you understand that the solutions to all your concerns reside within you and your inner wisdom, the magic of transformation will happen. However, you must first learn to allow it to lead you. Join Peggy on this exciting journey of business growth and transformation!

Ladybug- Business Advisory Services

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