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Ladybug- Business Advisory Services

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Take advantage of our expert services to receive invaluable guidance on defining your business identity, maximizing profitability, and building resilience. Our distinctive advantage in the realm of business lies in our expertise in what we call ‘business wizardry.’ Why emphasize wizardry? My Ladybird assesses and mentors businesses, enabling them to take their next big leap by revealing typically unseen hidden factors.


Our unique approach encompasses all pertinent business data but places special emphasis on the human element, recognizing that business success is 80% psychology and 20% skill. It is the customers who generate meaningful outcomes for every business, and the leaders, with their teams, who transform their products and services into tangible value for their customers. Here is where My Ladybird employs its business wizardry, unearthing subliminal factors, facilitating pattern recognition, engaging the team, and cultivating customers into fervent advocates. Business wizardry is the key to unlocking optimal results.

Ladybug- Business Advisory Services

Our Mission

We empower and guide enterprises toward their next significant leap. Our unique approach transforms both data and subliminal factors into actionable insights, fostering team engagement and cultivating fervent customer advocacy for optimal results.

It's "Time to Make Magic" in the world of business!

Our focus is on helping companies successfully manage adversity, increase value, and overcome the challenges of uncertain times by uncovering opportunities and inspiring your teams to implement solutions promptly. This is where ‘leaving room for magic’ becomes a crucial element.



Uncover concealed profits through our Business Wizardry services. As seasoned experts in identifying profit opportunities, we ensure that your business maintains a competitive edge. Under our guidance, you’ll amplify your profits and motivate your team to take immediate, impactful actions, allowing you to unlock your business’s full potential today!

Ladybug- Business Advisory Services

Discover the Art of Profit Maximization- this is my expertise:

  • Entrepreneurial Guidance:  I am passionate about working with entrepreneurs, providing strategic guidance, navigating, complexities successfully, bolster profits, and ensure long-term viability. 
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Specialist: With over 20 years of experience, I specialize in navigating the complexities of mergers and acquisitions, ensuring smooth transitions for businesses. 
  • Collaborative Leadership: My approach involves seamless collaboration with colleagues, fostering a team environment that enhances our collective ability to provide top-notch business growth consultation. 
  • Vast Network: Over the years, I’ve built a vast network and had the privilege of partnering with some of the brightest minds in the entrepreneurial landscape, enriching my insights and perspectives. 
  • Individually tailored Focus: My expertise particularly centers around guiding enterprises in increasing their value by uncovering opportunities, understanding their unique footprint and tailoring strategies for their success. 
Ladybug- Business Advisory Services

The Roadmap for Business Growth and Achievement

Establish Foundation: Establish a solid foundation by gaining a deep understanding of my client’s business, objectives, and challenges. Establish a relationship built on trust, communication, and shared objectives. 

Strategic Choices: Guide my clients in making well-informed strategic choices, aiding them in evaluating alternatives, prioritizing their objectives, and crafting a coherent plan for achieving sustainable growth. 

Build and Train Team: Assist in assembling and nurturing a high-performing team. Provide insights on talent acquisition, leadership development, and fostering a collaborative work culture. 

Implement Strategy: Collaborate on executing the devised strategies effectively. Offer practical advice on overcoming obstacles, managing change, and adapting to market dynamics. 

Evaluate and Optimize: Continuously assess performance metrics, identify areas for improvement, and fine-tune strategies for long-term success. Foster a culture of adaptability and innovation to stay ahead in a dynamic business landscape. 

Our B2B consulting services are here to turn your vision into a stunning reality! We are here to guide you through every step, ensuring your business not only grows but thrives!

Agreement & Remuneration

My Ladybird Enterprise AG will supply a consulting agreement tailored to the defined service. Remuneration will be as per the terms defined in the agreement, ensuring a fair and mutually beneficial partnership.

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