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Ladybug- Business Advisory Services

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As a seasoned pet health specialist with more than two decades of professional expertise in international pet care, I contribute a wealth of international industry knowledge and deep understanding of the pet health segment as well as offering an extensive network. Not only am I an entrepreneur, but I am also a dedicated dog enthusiast. My clients benefit from my extensive experience in areas such as mergers and acquisitions, profit maximization, strategic expansion planning, and market penetration. I specialize in guiding my customers to achieve success in these domains. For clients who share my love for dogs, I provide additional value through valuable tips and exclusive offers, enhancing their overall pet ownership experience.

Ladybug- Business Advisory Services

Our Mission

Harnessing Potential, Driven by Purpose, Caring for Paws. 

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Empowering Pet Care Business with Potential, Purpose and Paws

Potential: This signifies the strategic expertise and influence My Ladybird wields in guiding businesses toward success by harnessing the potential, especially in areas like mergers and acquisitions, strategic planning, and market penetration. 


Purpose: Uncovering real purpose by empowering pet health businesses for growth, brand enhancement, and delivering exceptional value, showcasing Swiss PetHealth Excellence’s thoughtful approach to achieving objectives. 


Paws: A play on words, “Paws” connects to pet care, emphasizing the passion for cats and dogs and a commitment to evaluating, optimizing, and ensuring the well-being of businesses and their furry clientele. 

Ladybug- Business Advisory Services

Deep Industry Expertise and Qualifications:

Pan-European Key Account Know-How: Connections with major pet retailers across Europe and USA for invaluable insights into the pet health market.


International Industry and Product Know-How: Extensive knowledge of global pet care industry and product expertise. Expert of market-savvy strategies. 


Pet Health M&A Expertise: Specialized in pet health mergers and acquisitions, offering a unique perspective for strategic planning and growth. 


Pet-Mix Specialist: Expert in product, distribution, communication, and pricing analysis, ensuring informed decision-making. 


Team Building Expertise: Adept at building high-performing teams with strong recruitment skills and customer loyalty focus. 

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Ladybug- Business Advisory Services
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Blueprint for Sustainable Growth and Success.

Prepare the Groundwork: We start by laying a strong foundation. This includes defining the brand identity, regions, pricing strategies, and curating an optimal product assortment. We also evaluate key account potential and identify the ideal consumers for brands. Create a marketing concept and define KPIs. 

Evaluate the Strategic Choices: Prioritize actions, identify opportunities, and decide on the first steps for building brand presence. Assess pros and cons of options, whether through online channels, brick-and-mortar, pan-European accounts, or new product introductions.  

Recruit and Train Team: Form a skilled team by developing Field Operations Group (FOG), Key Account Management (KAM), and regional knowledge. Recruit passionate individuals for loyalty and set clear objectives and KPIs for success.  

Implement Strategy: Align strategy with brand identity and consumer resonance. Put Marketing strategy in place, Monitor key performance indicators, launch key accounts, and provide ongoing training and guidance to the team.  

Evaluate and Optimize: Continuously assess results, sales fundamentals, and team performance. Adapt strategies to stay competitive, ensuring long-term growth and success.  

Transform Your Pet Care Business With a Strategic Approach

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Agreement & Remuneration

My Ladybird Enterprise AG will supply a consulting agreement tailored to the defined service. Remuneration will be as per the terms defined in the agreement, ensuring a fair and mutually beneficial partnership.

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